Recap on my run on last Monday.

I reckon it would be too cold later in the week and I would be reluctant to run (all turned out to be true! But there were Ultimate on Wed and Thurs) The week b4 Standard Chartered I would taper. So Monday would be my last shot to taste a full 21km

The temperature was a bit below 18. It was drizzling all way through, light and heavy. Well, it may rain on the event day #adapttotheweather

So I was wet. The super thin wind jacket I girdled around my waist almost dripped water, but I didn’t feel so drenched. My outfit was all quick dry ones – I wore an short sleeved VC Ultimate jersey, a New Balance compression pants, a cap (without which I can’t see in rain) and a water resistant trail runner. Surprisingly, I felt my socks were dry.

The more you practice the more you can discover. I missed putting vaseline at a spot on my chest and there was little chaffing. I always find my new ‘injuries’ in a hot shower

I did carbo loading two hours b4 the run, and kept myself hydrated b4 the run. My speed slowed down after 13km.

Running will still be on next week, to keep my fitness up, but def nothing as much as 21km. A few Ultimate Frisbee practices won’t hurt 🙂