Women In Sports Empowered Hong Kong is excited to announce that we will be piloting our WISE Sports Leadership Program in Hong Kong from February – May 2019!

This program will be delivered and implemented ourselves, with collaboration and coaching facilitated by Rachael Lau, founder of ByoBeat.

“Preparing girls to be future leaders through sports”

The WISE Sports Leadership Program uses sports as the tool to provide an immersive learning and training initiative for high school female students, aged 14 – 18 to enhance their leadership skills. Through this program, participants can expect to:

  • Learn and develop useful life and soft skills
  • Practice leadership skills
  • Support and network with girls from other schools
  • Connect and engage with mentors and role models who can inspire them to build a better future
  • Do service within their community by either starting / coaching / captaining / organizing sports activities, events or team, within or outside their school

The Program will bring together girls from different schools, and serve as a platform for student leaders to develop their leadership ability, and to understand their leadership style.

This inaugural pilot^ program will be delivered over four monthly in-person workshops, facilitated by a coach in English. There will be practice of the skills outside of the workshop, followed by peer group discussions and mentoring sessions. Students will be paired 1:1 with a mentor, as well as work with a coach to develop and enhance social emotional capabilities.

The tentative dates of the program (one half day on either Saturday or Sunday):

  • 23/24 February 2019
  • 30/31 March 2019
  • 27/28 April 2019
  • 25/26 May 2019

Program Cost (for inaugural pilot): No fee

For more information, please go here.

Got questions? Email us: wise@wisewomenhk.com

Applications are due: 6 January 2019

Are you a high school student and interested in joining the program? Apply here.

Know a high school student who would benefit from this program? Nominate her here.

Want to be a Mentor? Go here.


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About WISE HK:

WISE HK champions sports for women and girls. We use sports as a tool for women’s empowerment, and to dispel gender stereotypes. We 1) educate why sports matter, 2) empower women and girls through organising sports activities, and 3) connect women and girls in sports to build community. We believe in the power of sports to accelerate women’s life and leadership skills that enable them to thrive and advance their impact in their community.

Our theory of change and belief is that sports are a powerful tool for personal empowerment. They are especially important for women and girls to develop and enhance skills and mind-set that enable us to thrive. We believe that by promoting all sports to women and girls in Hong Kong, by providing more access and by encouraging and coaching them to play different sports, we will foster their lifelong participation and enjoyment of and in sports. This will translate into achieving higher levels of social-emotional competencies such as emotional and mental resilience, self-esteem and self-awareness, as well as higher levels of life skills attainment, leading to higher personal satisfaction, and personal impact in their community economically, healthily and participatively.

About Rachael Lau:

Rachael is the founder and Head Performance & Lifestyle Coach of ByoBeat, which empowers people and organizations towards self-leadership and better health and well-being. Rachael practices ontological coaching, a form of coaching that is grounded in observing a person’s way of being. It is a powerful coaching methodology that “supports people to become more powerful Observers, capable of being more self-generating as learners to meet the imperative of continually developing more flexible and effective modes of thinking, communicating and behaving for the benefit of themselves and others.” (Source: Newfield Institute)
Rachael works with clients in all walks of life – from the corporate and sporting environment to schools and the wellness industry – and boasts extensive experience in the Fitness and Health industries.  
A member of the Hong Kong Women’s Field Hockey team for five years, Rachael’s professional and personal experience with elite sport provides a great foundation for delivering the key components of performance and well-being to teams and individuals.  
For some examples of how she works with clients, go here.
^ In this inaugural pilot, the program will be condensed to four months. The full program when launched is expected to be seven months with seven monthly in-person workshops.