Cardeux has been sporty since a young child and these early involvements directed her career choices: where helping people and sport meet. She is a South African physiotherapist who has been working with international rugby, football and volleyball teams. Currently she works with clients of all backgrounds from amateur to professional athletes and from all walks of life at the Hong Kong Sports Clinic.

Her sports enthusiasm overflows into all aspects of her life. She has represented South Africa in Karate and Field Hockey. Says Cardeux, “Sport is my life and I will always be grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me at a young age. Sport has been a challenge, an outlet, a lifesaver, a natural anti-depressant, a love, a fight, a home, a passion and a way of life. It has made me mentally and physically strong. All I am looking to do is give other women and girls an opportunity to let sport benefit them, because it will.”

Cardeux also captains the premiere league Valley women’s hockey team and runs trail races. She is also involved in running coaching (Member of The Green Race HK). She loves trying out new sports as it is where she has met the most inspiring women through sports participation.