Be Active Through Sports WISE Sports Leadership Program Sports Matter! “Sports as an Enabler”

Where WISE HK hosts or partners with other organisations to provide opportunities to for women and girls to participate in different sports together, including our flagship mothers and daughters days.

Our flagship “Let’s Start With Sports” is an activities-based sports program to encourage mothers and daughters to participate in different sports together. These events are open to public in Hong Kong, with target participants being all mothers and daughters.

We typically introduce different sports each time, working with various Nationals Sports Associations or Clubs in Hong Kong to bring in coaches. Previous sports we have introduced include: American flag football, dodgeball, football (soccer), field hockey, self-defence, tag rugby and ultimate frisbee. At present, we run these events quarterly but it is our aim to run them bi-monthly in the future.

This is a Program that uses sports as the tool to provide an immersive learning and training initiative for high school female students to enhance their leadership skills. Through this program, participants can expect to:

  • Learn, develop and enhance social-emotional capabilities
  • Train and practice hard skills in sports and events management
  • Develop and nurture leadership acumen
  • Innovate, create and problem-solve:
  • Support and network with girls from other schools
  • Connect and engage with mentors and role models who can inspire them to build a better future
  • Be a change maker and lead with passion and purpose through sports

We educate and raise awareness for sports matter for bettering the lives of girls and women, via events such as panel discussions, workshops for skills development, and via interviews profiling women who integrate sports into daily life.