Women in Sports Empowered HK (“WISE HK”) champions sports for women and girls in Hong Kong. We encourage our women and girls to participate in and stay playing sports by promoting the benefits of sports. We use sports to empower our women and girls to lead active, meaningful and self-fulfilled lives.
We know sports is one of the best ways to advance women’s and girls’ impact on our communities. It nurtures life and social skills that allow us to continuously grow and reach our potential.
Educating and raising awareness for why sports matter to women and girls via activities


Cards in the SCMP on empowering women through sports!

Cardeux Nel, our resident physio, organising committee member and sports activities lead was on SCMP sharing why it’s important to […]

Photos recap: Mothers’ Day Fun Day 2018

We had fun co-hosting the Mothers’ Day Fun Day on 13 May 2018 with AIA Vitality Park at the Hong […]

We are co-hosting Mothers’ Day Family Fun on 13 May 2018!

For details, go here. We are very exciting to be co-hosting with AIA Vitality Park at the Hong Kong Observation […]

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One year of interviewing of Women and Girls In Sports in HK!

In April 2017 we released our first-ever interview. It came shortly after the 2017 Rugby Sevens, and on the back […]

Christie Cheung — HK National team ice hockey player and student — on sharing a love of the sport with her father

Christie Cheung, 19 years old, is an ice hockey player playing for the club team Generation Next, as well as […]

Taylor Fu — football player and student — on being awarded a sports scholarship and aspiring to play football professionally

Taylor FU Chiu Man is a midfielder for the club team Kitchee and the Hong Kong Women’s National Football team. […]

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Cardeux' Tips

Senior Physiotherapist at Hong Kong Sports Clinic; Running Coach for The Green Race; Trail Runner and Field Hockey Player

Running assessment? What is that?

During skiing season I find it quite peculiar how people head to the snowy mountains with no preparation or strengthening […]

Surprise! Let’s run the Standard Chartered…

So… this past Saturday I was at work doing my thing when a patient came in to see me after […]

Buying running shoes – how to avoid injury

“Buying running shoes that were made for a specific foot profile can cause more injury,” she says. “No athlete’s biomechanics should be overly corrected too quickly because the body needs time to adjust accordingly. Instead, you should opt for shoes that benefit your running style and goals and that possess optimal biomechanics, strength, flexibility and body awareness.”

Wanda's Blog

I was not encouraged to be athletic when I was small ~ Now I am catching up - it's hard, but I am making progress

One 2018 resolution down! Pull up!

Pull up! Done! Finally! And I can repeat it! @28000pullups at Instagram has given me very good tips to help […]

21 again

Recap on my run on last Monday. I reckon it would be too cold later in the week and I […]

Stay warm!

One reason why I have incentive to go back to workout is: I see a healthier self Today the temperature […]

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Alicia Lui

Alicia Lui

Alicia grew up in Hong Kong playing sports: not just within PE classes at school, but was lucky enough that her parents allowed her to figure-skate and horse-ride outside of school [Read more]
Lesleigh Groos

Lesleigh Groos

Lesleigh grew up in Perth, Australia and a love of the outdoors was instilled by her parents from a very young age [Read more]
Cardeux Nel

Cardeux Nel

Cardeux has been sporty since a young child and these early involvements directed her career choices: where helping people and sport meet [Read more]
Avni Jain

Avni Jain

Avni found a penchant for sports, especially outdoors, after moving to Hong Kong [Read more]
Laura Fernandez

Laura Fernandez

Laura grew up in Spain, where playing sports from young is the norm. As a result she was exposed to many sports...[Read more]
Wanda Yuen

Wanda Yuen

Wanda didn’t play any sport until she found the Ultimate Frisbee community – and fell in love with the team sport immediately [Read more]