The results from our 2018 survey where we explored women’s and girls’ attitudes and experiences toward sports in Hong Kong are out!

The results from this survey indicate that of the 242 women and girls who responded to this survey, they are overall active and involved in sports.

  • 90% of our respondents indicated they play sports, amongst whom
    • 82% indicated they play sports twice or more each week
    • 93% rank sports as being important and very important

At the same time, while the majority of our respondents are playing sports, there is a dip in both rate and frequency of sports participation amongst our 30-39 year old and married with children respondents.

Want to know why our respondents participate in sports? Or what are the barriers that prevent our respondents from doing it? And what are some of the challenges they feel they face compared to men when it comes to sports?

Take a look at our survey results! Which you can read here

Thank you to everyone who responded, and to everyone who was involved in the production of the results!