Come work with us at Women In Sports Empowered Hong Kong Limited (“WISE”)!

We are on a mission to make the world a better place for women and girls! We believe in the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives. We are building a team who want to work with us to break down barriers to sports participation and help girls and women to thrive through sport. Sport is one of the best tools to achieve good health and wellbeing, and reduce inequality; by joining us, together we can work towards a world that is more diverse and inclusive and achieve gender equality. It’s an exciting journey ahead, and we are just getting started!

This is a full-time role suitable for someone with a minimum of two years of professional experience and is passionate about promoting sports and empowering youth and individuals through sports.

To apply, please submit your details here Rolling applications.

About Us

We empower, educate and connect women and girls to thrive without limitations. We use sports as a tool for gender empowerment to drive the equality agenda in all areas such as workplace, education, and community. We champion the advancement of women and girls’ leadership in and through sport, with the aim to achieve gender equality and a diverse and inclusive culture in Hong Kong.

We’ve been passionately building and serving Hong Kong’s women and girls since 2017 and received charitable status in December 2020.

Project Manager Role (full time)

As a Project Manager, you play an integral role to support our team, including our Founder and other designated WISE representatives such as our Board members to execute tasks in any of the following areas:

For Programs and Activities, you will work with our Programs and Activities Committee to organize activities for our three core focus groups (teens, young adult women and families). Your tasks can include and not be limited to:

For Marketing and Communications you will work with our Communications Committee to produce content that drives engagement and support from various different WISE stakeholders groups. This can include but not be limited to:

For Fundraising and Partnerships you will work with our Fundraising and Partnerships Committee to organize events that will garner different types of support (monetary, in-kind, skills and other resources) from different stakeholder for our programs and activities. This can include but not be limited to:

Desirable Skills:

Experience / Background:

Job Details:

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