I finally got a taste of a half marathon !

My body should still be recovering from Vietnam Hat Tournament. It was never my plan to run a full 21km today, despite my desire to do it asap. The plan was to go in constant pace, and then see how far I could go

Back some years ago, even a 10km I needed to stop a couple times to complete it…

My last meal b4 the run was >4 hours ago. Half an hour before the run, I took a power gel that contained caffeine and 100kcal energy, of course along with some water.  *Drinks with caffeine is not recommended, as it will prompt you to urinate, i.e. you will lose water faster

Oh now I recall…yesterday I ate beef burger. Maybe a boost in hemoglobin also a boost to my running performance as I am a little bit anemic?

Temperature was around 20. I heeded some tips from HKU running team and did some running warm up. It helped to kick me into running mode sooner. Warm up doesn’t exhaust. Warm up helps.

HKU running tips say dehydration and depletion of fuel (from carbohydrates) upsets performance. I didn’t have water (even better would be isotonic/isosmotic drinks that helps body to absorb fluid better) After 16km I felt I slowed down apparently. Overall my speed dropped from 6min30s per km to 6min45s

A jogging path lied in my running route today. The 100m signs helped me a lot – like great I’ve done another 100m! Motivation!

Must say Trailwalker has empowered me. When you have finished a 100km race, anything less than that looks a lot easier


OK I was also testing a lot of things:

  • I put on vaseline all over my chest and back. No chaffing!
  • My bra was supportive but not super tight. There were bras that are tight to particular part of my body, like underarm. Those are parts that I can get chaffing easily
  • I didn’t tape my toes, but no blister! After trailwalker the toe nails of my two small toes were crushed and barely attached to my toes. When they were finally gone, I find running doesn’t hurt that much

I am going to put on compression pants when sleeping tonight~ Legs will recover faster.

There is team training tomorrow~ Just hope captains won’t be mad at me if I am sore and slow~

But after all, I feel huge sense of achievement hehe~ I pulled it off even though I finished a tournament not long ago!