Growing up in Canada, Anik spent her childhood playing outside. She was snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. Her parents always encouraged her and her brother to be sporty. They believed in sports as a way for kids to build confidence and character. Later in life, through her travels and her many years working overseas, she stayed active by trying out a wide variety of sports such as rock climbing, surfing and scuba-diving.
When she moved to Hong Kong eight years ago, trail running became her thing. She had actually never heard of trail running until she witnessed people flying down the trails during her first exploratory hikes on the island. After a couple trial runs with friends, she was hooked. She now spends most of her weekends running, training or planning her next “runcation”.
Anik works in the Financial Services industry and has always been very vocal about using sports as an outlet and a way to manage stress. She co-leads her firm’s hiking group and is involved in the company’s Inclusion & Diversity initiatives.