It’s OK to Not be OK : female athletes open up about mental health

“Mental health is so broad, it affects us in so many ways and all of us suffer from it,” says Alicia Lui, the founder of WISE Hong Kong (Women in Sport Empowered). “There have been instances of athletes suffering from depression due to the need to win and pushing themselves too hard. We are also […]

How to make fitness a sustainable part of your life

Katia Kucher wakes up at 6am to go running almost every day, takes care of her children, runs her own fitness classes, spend time seeing clients as a nutritionist at Hong Kong Sports Clinic and motivates others to run anything from half marathons to ultra-marathons. Wanting to understand how she is able to do this […]

Part 2: We all have our reasons for doing something crazy By Ela Howard

On 16 May we first shared the story of 6 HKUST MBA Students’ — Blair, Jessica, Kim, Livia, Wendy and Yoyo – journey to participating in the 2019 Asian-Pacific Business Schools Desert Challenge. Whilst Part 1 focused on the team and how training with a team for the race had improved their motivation, commitment and […]

Women and Sports in HK: 2018 Survey — Results are out!

16 April 2018: The results from our 2018 survey where we explored women’s and girls’ attitudes and experiences toward sports in Hong Kong are out! The results from this survey indicate that of the 242 women and girls who responded to this survey, they are overall active and involved in sports. 90% of our respondents indicated […]