Female activewear goes sustainable

Read it in the news today: https://insideretail.hk/2018/01/04/hm-activewear-goes-sustainable/#daily Good to see fashion is going more green and sustainable now If anyone […]


  I finally got a taste of a half marathon ! My body should still be recovering from Vietnam Hat […]


Alicia, Donna, Jenna thank you for fulfilling my Trailwalker dream (Jackie thank you for giving up your spot to me~)! […]

Buying running shoes – how to avoid injury

“Buying running shoes that were made for a specific foot profile can cause more injury,” she says. “No athlete’s biomechanics should be overly corrected too quickly because the body needs time to adjust accordingly. Instead, you should opt for shoes that benefit your running style and goals and that possess optimal biomechanics, strength, flexibility and body awareness.”