Cecily grew up in the UK and was exposed to a wide variety of sport whilst growing up. She was a very enthusiastic dancer for most of her childhood, competing and performing multiple times a year. When she wasn’t on the stage or in the studio, she was running around the garden with her dad and brother playing every sport they could; football, rugby, badminton, tennis etc. She always loved being outdoors, and still does now! When she went to University she joined a Women’s Football team and has been in love with the sport since. She’s played for her University, clubs in greater London and now plays here in Hong Kong! Football has always acted as a way for Cecily to connect with like-minded people – especially when moving abroad. Although football is a huge part of Cecily’s life, she is now passionate about inspiring women and girls through sports generally. Sport can give women a sense of self-empowerment and confidence and Cecily is passionate about spreading this message!