(Encore with add on!) Sweat & Chat with Camille Cheng

Event Start Date:April 23, 2020Event End Date:April 23, 2020Event Venue:7pm-7:45pm, zoomWe had so much fun working out with Camille this past Friday that we’re doing it again — and we’ll add an extra session to connect with each other and chat about mental health during this period. As an athlete who was readying herself to […]

Sweat with Camille: 30-min body weight workout

Event Start Date:April 17, 2020Event End Date:April 17, 2020Event Venue:5pm-5:30pm, at your home – we are using zoomJoin us on Fri 17 Apr 2020 at 5pm online as Camille Cheng leads us through this quick workout and shows us her #stayathome and #workoutathome moves!   Camille is a Hong Kong Olympic Swimmer. She’ll be representing […]

Mothers & Daughters Sports Day! 9 September 2018

Event Start Date:September 9, 2018Event End Date:September 9, 2018Event Venue:AIA Vitality Park by the Hong Kong Observation WheelSummer is over and school is back! And so is the sporting season for many organised sports leagues and clubs in Hong Kong. To celebrate and prepare ourselves for Autumn and the upcoming academic year, we are running […]

Mothers & Daughters Sports Day! 16 June 2018

Event Start Date:June 16, 2018Event End Date:June 16, 2018Event Venue:AIA Vitality Park at Hong Kong Observation WheelTo celebrate the 2018 World Cup that starts in mid June, we are hosting our own World Cup themed “WISE Start With Sports” event on 16 June 2018 from 9 – 11am. This is our Mothers and Daughters Sports […]

Mother’s Day Family Fun on 13 May 2018!

Event Start Date:May 13, 2018Event End Date:May 13, 2018Event Venue:AIA Vitality Park at the Hong Kong Observation WheelWe are co-hosting Mothers’ Day Family Fun at AIA Vitality Park at the Hong Kong Observation Wheel! 13 May 2018 from 2 – 3pm! ***** 今個星期日就係母親節喇,準備帶媽媽們去邊度慶祝呢? 唔洗左諗右諗,因為 Women in Sports Empowered HK – WISE HK 將會舉行母親節親子同樂日,等你可以同媽媽一邊慶祝,一邊領悟做運動嘅好處! 活動完結後,一於請媽媽坐埋摩天輪,享受天倫之樂啦!依家即刻到 www.hkow.hk 預訂門票,幾分鐘後就會收到你既電子門票! This Sunday is […]

The Green Race x WISE HK Family 5K Challenge!

Event Start Date:May 19, 2018Event End Date:May 19, 2018Event Venue:Pottinger Gap, Shek OOn Saturday 19 May 2018, we are collaborating with The Green Race to host the 5K Family Challenge! The location is at Pottinger Gap, Shek O. More details of the event: https://thegreenrace.hk/pottinger/#more The 5K Family Challenge starts at 11am and the registration fee […]

Why girls should play sports: sports to enhance academic, health and wellbeing in life

Event Start Date:June 9, 2018Event End Date:June 9, 2018Event Venue:theDesk, 20/Fl., Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway BayWomen in Sports Empowered Hong Kong (“WISE HK”) invites you to join us for a panel discussion, “Why girls should play sports: sports to enhance academic, health and wellbeing in life.” In this event, educators, parents and students will be sharing their […]

Try Cricket and watch some Women’s Development League cricket!

Event Start Date:May 6, 2018Event End Date:June 3, 2018Event Venue:We are partnering with HK Cricket where they are running some cricket taster sessions for moms and daughters! If you are interested in trying out cricket, join us on Sunday 6 May or Sunday 3 June from 1230 – 130pm at Po Kong Village Road (Reservoir). […]

Walk and Talk for Career Success – Mentor Walks x WISE

Event Start Date:April 20, 2018Event End Date:April 20, 2018Event Venue:Central HarbourfrontCome join us on Friday 20 April from 745-9am in our collaboration event with Mentor Walks where we pair you with a mentor so you can go on a casual “Walk and Talk for Career Success” around Central Harbourfront. It’s a great way to kick-start […]

Mothers & Daughters Sports Day! 10 March 2018

Event Start Date:March 10, 2018Event End Date:March 10, 2018Event Venue:AIA Vitality Park at Hong Kong Observation WheelTo celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, and to foster stronger mothers and daughters bonds through sports, we are hosting our second “WISE Start With Sports” event on 10 March 2018 from 9 – 11am. This is our […]