Jodie has had a love for sports since her early years, growing up in Western Australia where a love of the outdoors was very much part of life. Playing netball and doing Little Athletics from a young age she never stopped playing sport. During her teens she found a love for basketball (also coached her younger brothers team) and then touch rugby whilst at university. Jodie continued to find ways to be active, strongly believing it helped her through the stresses of exams, growing up and was a great way to meet new friends. Whilst living abroad she learned to ski, rollerblade and tried soccer in Geneva before moving to Kong Kong 14 years ago where she played Division 2 netball, tennis, Dragon boating and found a love for hiking, climbing Kilimanjaro 9 years ago. She has a 4 year old daughter and encourages her to be involved in various sporting activities and despite overcoming injuries she now enjoys running, tennis, pilates, gym and yoga. Jodie worked as a Primary School Teacher before becoming a mum and hopes to promote the benefits of sports to women and girls in Hong Kong.