At WISE HK, we love playing sports, whether it’s team sports or individual sports. And we all play sports; sometimes more seriously, sometimes more for fun. Regardless of what sport we play, and in what capacity, we have fun doing it. The people in our sports are our community and family, we draw meaning and beloEverything is impossible till it’s notnging from them, and we learn from and support each other on and off the playing field. We know though, that playing sports can be tough: the game can be difficult, sometimes we lack the time, we might work long hours, we need to take care of family, we have plenty of other fun distractions in Hong Kong, and we need to practice in order to get better … but that’s all part of the process and the fun.

We believe that everyone can benefit from playing sports. So we want everyone to play sports throughout their lives. Yet too often, our women and girls will play sports at elementary school or in PE class but end up giving up sports, sometimes completely and sometimes against their own will when faced with academic, family or work pressures. It doesn’t have to be that way. We know that no matter how busy we get, sports can play an important role in our lives. We all need time to de-stress, to have time for ourselves, to not think about family and work. Sports provide these opportunities.

Not to mention there are so many valuable lessons, skills and values that can be learned from playing sports at every stage of our life, and so many of these skills are transferable to the workpDont run away from challenges run over themlace and our personal lives. We know sports is one of the best ways to advance women’s and girls’ impact on our communities. It nurtures life and social skills that allow us to continuously grow and reach our potential. Research show women and girls who play sports:

Have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem, lower levels of depression, as well as more assertiveness and sense of self-control.

Are likelier to graduate from university and find a job, and in many cases, earn higher salaries and attain higher levels managerial or executive positions.

Have greater participation in previously male-dominated occupations, particularly those that are high-skilled.

So at WISE HK, we hope to promote not just the benefits of sports, but also the joy and pleasures that it can bring to us. We hope we can inspire more women and girls to play sports throughout their lives, even if it’s only once a month at any level they feel appropriate for them. We envision a city where sports participation for our women and girls is just a part of daily life, as important as work, family and friends.