WISE HK champions sports for women and girls in HK through our various initiatives:

1) Sports Matter!

Educating and raising awareness for why sports matter to women and girls via activities:

  • Hosting events to advocate how sports teach crucial life, personal and professional skills
  • Interviewing women and girls role models who demonstrate how sports have benefited them to raise their visibility

2) Let’s Start With Sports!

Launching campaigns that encourage our women and girls to participate in sports, for example, active community engagement to involve mothers, female-teachers, and / or other female volunteers to organize a week long, morning, 15 – 30 minute session of sports or activity before school starts.

3) What About Sports!

Researching to understand the attitudes of women and girls towards sports in Hong Kong by surveying them to understand the role of sports and the influencing factors and barriers to sports participation.

4) Impacting Through Sports!

Engaging in discussions of gender equity, equality, and stereotypes through the lens of sports and developing the resources and tools to empower our women and girls through sports.

5) Sports for Success!

Celebrating the participation, achievements and dedication of women and girls to sports and their sporting community.


We will also:

  • Partner and support sporting programs and opportunities for our women and girls
  • Provide a grants program to support the sporting costs for underprivileged women and girls