Alicia, Donna, Jenna thank you for fulfilling my Trailwalker dream (Jackie thank you for giving up your spot to me~)! You gals are so much fun to hang out with (Donna and JB’s singing is way much better than the music walkers “broadcasted” during the walk!) Thank you team for putting up w/ me during this 100km event

Our support team Bay, Jak, Johann, Tommy and Troy are the best! They bought us supplies beyond things we asked them to bring. Huge change in schedule forced them to drive and visit us (and doing unexpected hike in the dark without headlamp (Jak and Tommy; Bay did u hike also?) in order to reach checkpoint) during 2-5am, and change their Saturday plans to come over and meet us, even late at the Finish Line (Bay & Johann) Troy your costume brightened up the morning hikers and official volunteers and your heartful supply brightened us! Bay drove me and Jenna home which was life saving to the dead body Wanda! Support team always came early and waited for hours to meet us

Thank you especially my Frisbee family for your support! Chipping in money and following us in web tracking and sending all encouragement msg during the course! I am so blessed to have this family and friends! Now my blisters are really getting me and I am limping around, but so happy to have this Trailwalker done! ??‍♀ (Too bad Instagram doesn’t allow me to zoom out pictures so some are a bit off!) #trailwalker #maclehosetrail #supportteam #frisbeefamily #abetterfamily

I’ve got some other sharings on my Trailwalker experience HERE