I actually like the above pic more – more dynamics!

In case you don’t know what is Hat tournament. It is a tournament that you sign up individually and then organizer will put you in a team so for everyone it’s always the first time they play as a team together. Of course organizer will make sure each team has equal number of top/intermediate/beginner players so teams are more or less equal in level.

No doubt it’s a great weekend!

My team lost all 4 games on Saturday, and the 1st one on Sunday, but then we won the next two and put ourselves in Pool B Final. All games were hard fought battles. A lot played to universe points.

I am particularly thrilled at one all women’s point in the game vs yellow. Our flow was so good and we scored that point (I assisted!)

Another thing that got us excited was the quiet teammates in our team on Saturday gave us surprises on Sunday with amazing catches, cuts or defense!

I am particularly glad to catch up with old friends, like Mondster and June, and make new friends, like Chihiro (We have common struggles as women playing Ultimate!) Paid a visit to Quentin, Sam and Marnie. Uber Moto proved to be a cheap and fast mean of commune in Saigon (cost me VN 79000 in a 30-40min trip to airport!) , not to mention it’s a lot of fun!

The tourney ended with a count down party into new year! Indeed a lot of fun last weekend into new year!

I feel less tired, surprisingly, in this tournament. It’s true each game is shorter in this tournament so in total I’ve only played 8 hours in the weekend. We also had a lot of girls on our team and on average I could rest one point after every point I played. But maybe my stamina training – all the way back to last summer doing hours of hiking in the sizzling heat – has helped? Hope my training paid off!