We had a fantastic workshop “Healthy Me | Powerful Me | Strong Me” on 9 September, hearing some very personal and inspiring stories from Camille Cheng, Kimberly Carder and Sarah Connellen, at Calibrate Studio in Central.

We at WISE HK care deeply about this issue because research shows that girls participation into sports lag behind boys. One of the attributes for this is body image issues, especially during our teenage years when girls start to feel more self-conscious about our bodies. The truth is, body image is a topic that affects everyone, regardless of gender and we have both positive and negative views of our bodies.

After we heard from our speakers, we broke the larger group up into smaller groups to come up with statements related to:

“Healthy Me: Feels Like, Looks Like, Is When I …”
“Powerful Me: Feels Like, Looks Like, Is When I …”
“Strong Me: Feels Like, Looks Like, Is When I …”

As you can see from the photos, there are indeed some very healthy, powerful and strong statements written. We loved seeing the enthusiasm and smiles, and at the end of the evening, we asked everyone to partner up and share a few words as to what they appreciated about their partner.

We plan to doing more of these workshops, so if you’re interested, stay in touch, keep following us on Facebook so you can stay updated on when these events will happen!

If you want to get in touch with Dr. Kimberley Carder you can reach her via her website drkimberleycarder.com or instagram @inpsychwithkim

Thanks again!

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