So… this past Saturday I was at work doing my thing when a patient came in to see me after a lateral ankle sprain during The Green Race Braemer Hill.

*Lateral ankle sprains are the most common and injuring your Anterior Talofibular Ligament (ATFL).  The ATFL connects the ankle bone to the fibula. Sprains can vary in  severity. More serious sprains can also cause damage the Calcaneofibula Ligament (CFL) and Posterior Talofibular Ligament (PTFL).

Ligament tears

Grade 1: Stretching, small tears

Grade 2: Larger tear, but incomplete

Grade 3: Complete tear*

I clinically diagnosed my patient with a grade 2 ATFL tear  and well as ? Peroneus (muscle) tear and/or fibula fracture. (Symptoms: bruising, pain and irregularity on palpation of the fibula, loosening the ankle joint, previous ankle sprains which would indicate a vulnerability. Aaaaaanywaaaays… He told me he was meant to run the Standard Chartered half marathon the next day and that he was quite bummed that he could not. I asked him if he had given his entry away (Not in a way that I was interested in taking it off him) and he realized that he hadn’t. He then offered the bib to me and asked if I was interested in running.

*Facts – I’ve just come back from a holiday of food and drink and travel. I’ve been trail running the past year and a half and my last half marathon was in Daegu, South Korea in April 2016 and my last marathon was New York November 2016. I play field hockey once or twice a week but not in the past 6 weeks due to holidays… mmmm. decisions.*

After a few hours with this opportunity sitting on my mind, I decided to take the run as training (seeing as I have a few trail races coming up).

Plan: Warm up properly, try keep pace *laughs out loud*, don’t let your competitive side take over and push too hard.

So through the crowds and bottlenecks and marshals chasing people off the pavement and walkers and pollution and the need for the loo at 12km (Which I held in by the way)… I managed to finish in a time of 1h48m. I’m so happy that I participated because it was nice to be part of something bigger and also I rediscovered my love for road running!

I also ran past one of the athletes I occasionally coach for running and he was guiding a visually impaired athlete (I’ve attended one of the training sessions in Lai Chi Kok before which was really awesome). We had a bit of a chat and it also made my heart smile seeing some people just being totally amazing!

All in all – good decision on my part. And lunch after a good run is always more appetizing!


-If you are going to take something on, be sensible about it

-If you have sprained your ankle, you need to rehab it so it doesn’t keep happening again

-If you think your ankle sprain is a grII or worse: see a physio!

-If you sprain your ankle – Do not take anti inflams

-If you run a half marathon… STRETCH AFTERWARDS!


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